About us

We are a Long Beach family with a firearms habit! We needed an outlet to justify this habit and yearned for a place of business that never intends on being the biggest, just the best. We believe that not only do you want a nice selection of merchandise but you want it at a fair price all at a safe, clean location. So we set out to open a store that from all indications looks to be a jewelry store except that it has lots of guns in it! We carry all the top brands but our walls are uncluttered compared to others in our industry. We simply want to be better than the rest…you know, “High-Caliber”!

Come visit us today and let us earn your business. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter as well. Thank you for your time!

History of the location: Originally a “bar room” (Dowling’s) for the first twenty some odd years, then a pawn shop (Joe’s Buy & Sell) for 29 years, a café, and eventually a donut shop, 306 East Railroad returned to probably it’s most happy state in the fall of 2013 with the opening of High-Caliber Pawn. While we don’t have any beer or donuts to offer you, sometimes ole Joe Randolph still wanders in for a free cup of coffee!

High Caliber Pawn